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Living the abundant life

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus invites you to experience the fullness, the abundance of life, He created you to live. The studies in this small group study will describe what an abundant life looks like and how to have it. 

Throughout the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus highlights the way of the Kingdom of Heaven and contrasts it with the way of the Kingdom of this world. The choice is ours as to the way/path in which we walk. My hope is that as we see the wonders Jesus longs for us to experience we will choose to increasingly walk closer and closer with Jesus every day for the rest of our life.

Join a small group to study the greatest of wisdom literature and discover how to live the Abundant Life.

Study schedule

The study guides for each week are available in PDF format for download:


Archived Study Guides



The following small groups are meeting in locations throughout Calgary. If you would like to host a group, or would like guidance on finding a small group to join, please connect with Pastor Honey.


  • 12:30-2:30pm, Women's Group at Mariela Gorbenko's house in Arbour Lake. Phone 403-764-4543


  • 7:30-9pm, Pastor Todd's house in Ranchlands. Phone 403-239-1857


  • 7-9pm, Youth Vespers at Pastor Todd's house in Ranchlands. Phone 403-239-1857
  • 6:45pm, Hartons/Ohlmanns house in Springbank. Phone 587-351-4951
  • 7:30pm, Raymond and Sheila Smith's house in Valley Ridge. Phone 403-663-9674
  • 7pm, Brian and Stacy Corkum's house in Tuscany. Phone 403-283-2159
  • 7pm, Lara and Joel Melashenko's house in Tuscany. Phone 403-630-3751
  • 7pm, Rotating between Miranda's house and Cordazzo's houses in Tuscany. Phone 403-668-7058 or 403-547-1662


  • 4pm, Jonas and Sheila Cordazzo's house in Tuscany (In Portuguese). Phone 403-547-1662

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