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Small Groups


Small Groups are reading a book by Elizabeth Talbot, called After God's Heart - A Study in Brokenness. Join us in exploring how a man like David - who was definitely human, a sinner, and broken - could be viewed by an all-knowing God as a man after His own heart. 

David inspires us with his vulnerability and his yearning for intimacy with God. Each of us, in our own broken way, yearns for such an intimacy with God. 

Our church has purchased a bulk order of books. If you need a book, please connect with Pastor Julio or Elder Don Corkum. 

In addition to the book, resources include 8-minute devotionals and half hour talks from YouTube:


Small groups are meeting weekly, some are online and some are in-person. You may contact the small group leader directly to find out more. We're always happy to expand the number of small groups in our church family, so if you would like to host a small group please contact us.

Garfield and Heather Guy

  • Meeting Monday nights at 7pm on Microsoft Teams
  • Contact info: or

Don and Phyllis Corkum

  • Meeting Wednesday nights at 7pm on Zoom
  • Contact info:; 403-669-0706

We are still forming small groups and identifying who will be leading out. This list will continue to be updated as small groups launch.

Are you interested in joining or leading a small group? Let Don or Phyllis know! 



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