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Bringers of the Dawn - A Journey through the reformation

During the 2022-2023 year, small groups are working through the book Bringers of the Dawn - A Journey Through the Reformation.

The Reformation was one of the most definitive moments in history. It shaped the social, political, economic and military policies of early modern Europe and had a great impact on the history of the Christian church. This book chronicles the rise and spread of the reformation, and the impact it had on individuals, nations and the future of Christianity. 

As you journey through the book, think of yourself as a time traveller taking a journey through some of the most significant moments in time. Each chapter of the book includes a highly engaging video filmed in historical locations to expand your understanding of the material. 

Find video resources to accompany each chapter of the book on the Lineage website and on YouTube

Our church has purchased a bulk order of books. If you need a book, please connect with Pastor Julio. If you are interested in additional materials, you can find colouring books and eBook versions of the material on the publisher's website


Small groups are meeting weekly, some are online and some are in-person. You may contact the small group leader directly to find out more. We're always happy to expand the number of small groups in our church family, so if you would like to host a small group please contact us.

Don and Phyllis Corkum

  • Meeting Wednesday nights at 7pm on Zoom (may occasionally have in-person meetings)
  • Contact info:; 403-669-0706

Garfield and Heather Guy

  • Meeting Monday nights at 7pm on Microsoft Teams (may occasionally have in-person meetings)
  • Contact info: or

Tentative: Plamen and Desi Paskalev

  • May be starting at the end of the month, meetings would be in the Bulgarian language
  • Contact info:

Jose and Carla Alvarado

  • Meeting in Discovery Ridge, Calgary SW
  • Contact info:; 403-461-7864

Cordazzos, Hartons, Melgars and Corkum Jrs - rotating leaders/homes

  • Meeting Friday nights at 7pm in homes in Calgary's NW, Rocky View County and Cochrane

We are still forming small groups and identifying who will be leading out. This list will continue to be updated as small groups launch throughout November. Are you interested in joining or leading a small group? Let Don or Phyllis know! 

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