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Believe - Think. Act. Be Like Jesus

Grounded in Scripture, BELIEVE is a spiritual growth experience that helps Christians of all ages think, act, and be more like Jesus. As small groups move through the curriculum, participants become anchored in 30 big ideas found in the Bible:

  • 10 Key Beliefs of the Christian Faith
  • 10 Key Practices of a Jesus-follower
  • 10 Key Virtues of a Person Who is Becoming More Like Jesus

BELIEVE is a unique discipleship experience that helps Christians of all ages become more like Jesus in their beliefs, actions, and character. The BELIEVE experience includes books of carefully selected Scripture for adults, students, and kids, with curriculum for every age group. 


Our small groups are meeting weekly through online tools, such as Zoom. 

The curriculum is divided into three, ten-chapter blocks. You can invite friends to join you for a ten-chapter block with the flexibility to choose whether to attend the next grouping of sessions. The sections are grouped as follows: 

  • Section One: What Do I Believe? An exploration of basic Biblical beliefs so that we can think like Jesus. 
  • Section Two: What Should I Do?  That is, how do I act like Jesus?  
  • Section Three: What Am I Becoming?  The focus being, on becoming like Jesus. 

The BELIEVE curriculum will continue from November 2020 to June 2021, with breaks for major holidays such as Christmas and spring break. 



If you would like guidance on finding a small group to join, or would like to host a group, please contact us

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