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Small Groups

Countdown to Calvary

Our church is working through a small group curriculum developed by Elder Don Corkum and Pastor Julio Davila. The theme is Countdown to Calvary


Our small groups are meeting weekly. The Countdown to Calvary curriculum will run from January 2022 and through May 2022. Find contact details for small group hosts at the bottom of this page.


Overview of Topics

Overview of Topics with Ideas for Youth

Weekly Guides for Leaders and Participants:

Week 1 - Lazarus:  

Week 2 - Zacchaeus:  

Week 3 - Feast at Simon's:  

Week 4 - Triumphal Entry:  

Week 5 - The Temple Cleansed:  

Week 6 - Mount of Olives:  

Week 7 - In Remembrance of Me:  

Week 8 - Let not your Heart be Troubled:

Week 9 - Gethsemane:  

Week 10 - Trial before Annas/Caiaphas:  

Week 11 - Trial before Pilate:  

    Week 12 - Calvary:  

    Week 13 - It is Finished:  

    Week 14 - In Joseph's Tomb:  

      Week 15 - The Lord is Risen:  

      Week 16 - Walk to Emmaus:  

      Week 17 - Peace be unto You:  

        Week 18 - By the Sea:  

        Week 19 - Go Teach all Nations:  





          The following small groups are welcoming new participants! You may contact the small group leader directly to find out more. We're always happy to expand the number of small groups in our church family, so if you would like to host a small group please contact us

          1. Don and Phyllis Corkum 
            Wednesdays at 7pm
            403-669-0706 cell, 403-275-5569 Home

          2. Pastor Julio and Nikki Davila

          3. Garfield and Heather Guy
            Mondays, starting January 24

          4. Raquel Parada and Miquel Melgar

          5. Women's Group - Karmen Reyes
            Mondays at 1pm


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