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50 Days Transformed By Prayer

The 50 Days Transformed by Prayer curriculum was developed by Pastor Douglas Pereira. It is designed to help you seek, hear and feel God through Prayer. 

Visit the 50 Days Transformed by Prayer website to access the full set of curriculum materials. In addition to the small group materials, the program includes individual devotional prayer guides, daily family worship videos, daily colouring sheets for the little ones and more! 

Here is an overview of the resources available on the 50 Days Transformed by Prayer website: 

  1. Individual: Devotional Prayer Guide
    • The workbook/prayer journal is meant to bring inspiration to you as part of a movement of transformation through prayer. The journal includes: 
      • Bible reading plans
      • Moment of Transformation (suggested prayer)
      • Devotional
      • Quote of the Day
      • Did You Know?
      • Going Deeper
      • Questions
  2. Family: Family Worship
    • Dynamic daily videos are provided for family worship with a children's story, testimony and reflection. Colouring pages are also available for your children.
    • In addition to the daily videos found on the 50 Days website, Pastor Paul Antunes has also created a video library that correlates with the 50 Days of Prayer curriculum. 
  3. Small Group: ABCs of Prayer
    • Seven sessions are provided that are designed to promote the study of the fundamentals of prayer. Small groups can also take time together to reflect on their individual workbook/prayer journals, share key moments from their weekly family worship time and enjoy the prayer-themed music provided. 


Our small groups are meeting weekly, mainly through online videoconferencing. The 50 Days Transformed by Prayer curriculum will begin in November 2021 and continue for seven weeks, with a break over Christmas. 

Here's an example of how you and your family might use the curriculum materials throughout the week: 

  1. Daily - Everyone in your home can personally follow the devotional prayer guide and the optional added Bible reading plan. As a family, you can enjoy family worship using the daily videos and reinforce your child's learning with the colouring page for that day's theme. 
  2. On Your Small Group Night - As a group, discuss the provided small group questions for that week. Take time to share how your daily devotionals impacted your week or brought new insights. Have the children do skits or other creative activities based on the themes and scenarios found in the daily colouring pages



The following small groups are welcoming new participants! You may contact the small group leader directly to find out more. We're always happy to expand the number of small groups in our church family, so if you would like to host a small group, please contact us

  1. Don and Phyllis Corkum,  
    beginning November 3;
    Wednesdays at 7 pm; 
    Virtual, at least to start
    403-669-0706 cell, 403-275-5569 Home

  2. Pastor Julio and Nikki Davila
    Beginning November 3
    Wednesdays at 7 pm

  3. Garfield and Heather Guy
    Beginning November

  4. Raquel Parada and Miquel Melgar
    Beginning November

  5. Stacey and Tammy Mosher
    Beginning November 9
    Tuesdays from 7-8 pm

  6. Women's Group - Karmen Reyes
    Beginning October 25
    Mondays at 1 pm


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